Virtual Rugby - Croydon Schools Primary Competition

CSSP Virtual Rugby Competition


Welcome to our CSSP Years 3-6 Virtual Rugby Competition 2021!

We are excited to invite all primary schools to join in and compete for the title of 2021/22 Virtual Primary Rugby Champions!

When will this competition take place?

The competition take place from Monday 1st November - Friday 17th December 2021.

The deadline for submitting results to Croydon SSP is Friday 7th January 2022. 

What age groups can participate?

The competition is open to all pupils in Years 3-6.  There will be separate competitions for:

  • Year 3 & 4 (Mixed Gender)
  • Year 5 & 6 (Mixed Gender)


What is the format of the competition?

There are 5 individual challenges: Rob The Nest, Pass It On, Speedy Shuttles, Ball Touch and Traffic Light Pass.

Please see the video demonstrations with accompanying explanations below for more information and guidance on each challenge, which can be completed during your PE lessons, or during outdoor activity. 

How do we submit our results?

Download and save a copy of our Virtual Results Spreadsheet

When you have recorded all of your results for each event on the Results Spreadsheet, you can upload your results here

Are there any prizes?

We will provide a certificate template for schools to print out.  

When will the results be announced?

We will send schools an email when the results have been uploaded to our website.  

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Further information

Please see our Competition Invite, which has been sent to your school's PE Co-Ordinator. 


The Rugby Challenges!

Rob The Nest

Speedy Shuttles

Ball Touch

Traffic Light Pass